Scarlett’s Asylum | Chapter Three – Light My Fire


You wouldn’t think life in a crazy house could become boring routine, but that’s what happened. Get up in the morning, go to work, work, go home, work out, fight to get a bed, sleep. It was probably the closest thing to normal Scarlett had experienced in her life. She felt like that spoke volumes about her existence up until now.

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Some Updates

I’ve made a couple of new pages. Under About there’s a page where you can find me in other places on the net if you’d like to stalk me. It includes a link to my page of custom poses oh my, shameless self-promotion.

I also added a page with links to my favourite Sims 3 stories that you should go check out. They’re all fantastic.

Scarlett’s Asylum | Chapter Two – Sterner Stuff


It was Scarlett’s first day of work and even though she had gotten up early, too wired to sleep more than was absolutely necessary, she ran out the door to her waiting ride. She didn’t see any of the others, except one guy – Ernest? She thought that was his name – who was curled up on the loveseat in the main room.

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