This is the page where I dump my Sims 3 stories when I don’t dump them at my forums of choice. Sometimes I pretend to be funny, sometimes I pretend to be deep and dramatic, but I never pretend when I say I like writing. Have a look around to see what my insane Sims are up to, drop me a comment, and just… hang out. Or run away screaming. That is always an option and I shall not judge you (harshly).

If you’re curious, I’m Louise a 25 year old Dane who’s played the Sims series since I was around 10. These days I hardly ever play the games, but I use the third as a storytelling tool.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Haha, what a pleasant welcome. It will be nice to read your stories, leaving my follow right now.
    P.S I think I used your poses once for my story and didn’t even realize you had a wordpress account. I included the link in my Custom Content page, though.

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