Recommended Stories

Here you find links to Sims 3 stories that I recommend checking out. They’re stories I follow and keep up with myself so you should check them out. Like right now.


The Ink Legacy – Wonder why I write Sims 3 stories? This legacy is the reason. After manically making my way through all of it in a couple of days I started my own first legacy. It’s wonderfully written, heartwarming and looks smashing. I’m so jelly of this girl’s skills.

The Gingersnap Diaries – Written by the same writer as the Ink Legacy. The Gingersnap Diaries is written in a video blog format which, at first, put me off. However, once you get past the fact that the format is different, it’s the same stellar writing and amazingly pretty screenshots.

The Chronicles of Clarke – One of the most cleverly written legacies there are. I might even prefer it just a tiny bit over the Inks because it’s a bit more realistic in its treatment of characters. You’ll weep, you’ll smile and you’ll love the characters too much. Go check it out. Now.

A Pair of Brown Eyes – A period piece with gorgeous sets and shots and a lovely romantic story. It’s the kind of story that doesn’t leave you after you read – I, at least, find myself wanting more every time I’ve swallowed up another update (Nsfw in places).

Dreams of Sunset – This story is basically perfect. It looks gorgeous without using tons of CC (how?!), it gives depth to basegame families and has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read.

The Untouchable Patels – A pretty unique legacy with a fantastic story and loveable characters. It has some fantastic staging and writing as well.

Eight Cicadas – One of Carl’s forum’s classic challenges, the Immortal Dynasty challenge has been turned into an epic framed story with a huge cast of characters who are very human, unique-looking and interesting. Trip is a fantastic writer.

Zombies and Yu – A zombie apocalypse legacy that manages to be funny and deeply tragical at the same time. I’m so jealous of people who can do that…

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